Micro Farming, Homesteading And Simple Living
At Little Freedom Farm!

Homesteading and simple living at it’s best! Little Freedom Farm was started when our family took our homesteading efforts and moved them from the cookie cutter suburbs to a sleepy road in the country. We decided to scrap our life in the hustle and bustle for simple living in rural Maine… To gain a “little freedom”.

our farmstead dairy goats

Dwarf goats grazing


What are we Farming?

Offerings From Little Freedom Farm

We are just getting started at our little farmstead, so we are not in full production as of yet. But we’re working on it every single day!

Our vision for the future? A full market garden where we will grow organically raised, non-GMO fruits and vegetables available from our farmstand or CSA share.

We will offer herbs from our market gardens, as well as medicinal herbs for your botanical interests and dried herbal teas.

We are raising a herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and will eventually have registered doelings, bucklings, wethers and does in milk. We will also offer a full line of soaps and goat’s milk lotions.

We’ll be raising heritage breed turkey, chickens, and guinea hens and offering up organically raised fresh farm eggs. We’ll also be selling chicks and hatching eggs in the spring and summers.

Farmsteading, Homesteading and More

While farming will be our main focus here at Little Freedom Farms, much of our inspiration is fueled by sharing our love of small farms and homesteading with the world. We want to share our experiences and knowledge with you!

We’ll be blogging about daily life here on the farm, sharing daily struggles as well as practical stuff like recipes and building plans.

We want to encourage more people to take control of their lives, their freedoms, and their food! If you want the world to change your need to “Be the change you want to see in the world”. And that is exactly what we plan to do.

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More About Us

Who Wouldn’t Want A Little Freedom?

Ever dream of living simply without the worries of stresses of fighting traffic to get to work, paying bills, never having enough time for anything? We did too. Once upon a time we were living life working away most of the hours of our days just to make ends meet and seeming to never ever catch up. We spent so much time working for the house and the car. Meanwhile you work so much you can barely enjoy your house let alone have time for your family. 🙁

But we decided to risk everything for a life in the country. Our plan? To simplify and downsize to live mortgage free and debt free. All the while moving more towards natural living, a eco-friendly green life style, and eventually even moving towards living off the grid.

We took a giant leap but we’re here and we’re doing it! I sold my home business to fund our move and buy our little home. We’re starting over from scratch for a new life in the country where our kids can grow up away from city stresses. We want to share our journey, here, with you!


What you’ll find here in the future while we work on our farm and website:

Natural living tips and recipes

Homesteading and farmsteading ideas and how-to’s

Organic gardening

All about raising small livestock

Food preservation and canning

whole food and real food recipes

All of the above and more! And I’ll be writing about it all along the way. Stay tuned as we adjust to living in the country and get out Little Farm started!